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The relationship between carrier, US Customs board of Protection and US Customs Broker

In order to get the pre-cleared message ( AKA:1C) of imported cargo from the customs board of protection, it is not just bilateral interaction between the customs broker and CBP. It is a result of a tripartite mechanism. The following diagram can roughly represent their inner relationship


If non-consoldiated air cargo, the carrier needs to submit AMS

of cargo on board and FDM( Flight departure Message).

If non-consoldiated ocean cargo, the carrier needs to

submit e-manifest and VDM (Vessel Departure Message)


All data are transmitted to ACE System CBP.

All ACE Participants can be notified once

the shipment is released or being placed on hold

Customs Broker ABI System

Customs Broker submit entry data

and manifest data through CBP

Approved ABI System

P.S, if this is consolidated air/ ocean cargo, either inbounded carrier or broker can transmit associated HAWB within the required time frame. In order to do so, the broker needs to obtain the required customs bond ( type 1.2 and 3)

Therefore, customs release = Carrier e-manifest matches broker submitted manifest data + Entry submitted data is being accepted by ACE System.

Last but not least, there are many ACE Import Manifest Documentation types as there are different types of mode of transportation. Please refer to the details to CBP webpage at

Do I make it simple and clear for you? :)

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