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EU Travel Ban

President Trump’s speech announcing restrictions on persons seeking to travel from Europe to the US was followed by a Presidential Proclamation (see link below). While not entirely clear from the language of the Proclamation, CBP has advised that cargo will not be affected. CBP is planning to host a webinar later today to address this issue.

However, due to the limitations, we are facing, airfreight cargo is now shipping via cargo planes which as you can imagine will now be under tremendous space and availability stress.

As of today 03/15/2020, 4:34, the U.S has 3020 confirmed cases and 60 death cases. New York states ranked the top, 729 cases with 3 dead cases. The US is not testing many people for the Coronavirus at the same rate as South Korea and other countries per day. The number is expecting to keep increasing a lot. The actual number of cases is likely 20 times higher according to the experts' projection.

Please, everyone, stay safe and healthy. Wash your hands often. Do not touch the face with unwashed hands. Wear a surgical mask when going out and please avoid the crowded place.

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